Initial Oral Exam

Oral Exam

Your initial visit includes a visual examination, checking the health of your gum tissue, visual oral cancer screening, as well as ViziLite Plus early cancer detection, diagnosis and treatment recommendations. We will also take the appropriate x-rays, which may include bite wings and a panoramic x-ray.

The dental examination is a systematic process during which Cornerstone Family & Cosmetic Dentistry will investigate many facets of your oral and systemic health in order to identify pathologies or concerns and develop a uniquely customized treatment plan that is catered towards maximizing your oral health while meeting your goals and expectations.

During the medical history intake, Cornerstone Family & Cosmetic Dentistry collects information about you, including:

  • List of medications you are currently taking.
  • List of vitamins and natural healing remedies you are currently taking.
  • Smoking and alcohol consumption.
  • Allergy list.
  • Previous experience with anesthesia.
  • Adverse reactions to anesthesia.
  • Any medical conditions you are currently being treated for.
  • Previous surgeries or hospitalizations.

This information allows your dental hygienist and dentist to identify necessary precautions for treatment. It is an integral first step in treatment planning.

At the end of your oral health exam, Cornerstone Family & Cosmetic Dentistry provides you with a take-home bag designed to promote at-home oral health practices. Your take-home bag may include:

  • New toothbrush or interdental brush
  • Floss

Find out more by requesting an appointment or contact us today.

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