Oral Cancer Screening

Any irritation of the mouth, gums or tongue may increase the risk of oral cancer. Cornerstone Cosmetic and Family Dentistry performs complete oral cancer screenings by examining your mouth, gums, tongue and cheeks to check for the presence of any abnormalities.
Our examination recommendations begin with an oral examination of the mouth, including checking the:
  • Teeth
  • Gums
  • Cheeks
  • Tongue (above and below)
  • Throat
  • Roof of the mouth
  • Turning the lips up and down to view the inner tissue surfaces

However, since symptoms associated with oral cancer may be confused with other medical conditions, self examinations should not replace seeing a dentist and dental hygienist for oral care maintenance at least twice a year. When used in conjunction, periodic self-examination and regular dental hygiene visits can help promote early-stage detection of oral cancer. And remember, it is always best to see both a doctor and dentist to properly evaluate symptoms.

In addition to a visual oral cancer exam, we also perform Vizilite Oral Cancer Screening. This involves swishing with a “vinegarette” type solution that makes per-cancerous cells show up under a special light. This is recommend once a year by ADA.

Find out more by requesting an appointment or contact us today.

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